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The first Nannucci branch opened in Long Street, Cape Town in 1879. Over the years we have become complete textile renovation experts and our mission is customer satisfaction. We offer an all round quality service from conveniently placed outlets where our staff, who have been trained to interpret and follow care instructions, know best how to process the many different fabrics and fibres currently in use. With more than 125 years in the business, our staff are best equipped to attend to all your clothing and household cleaning and dyeing requirements. We also offer both shoe and clothing repairs at our in-store repair bars.

Our Story

Our founder, Oreste Nannucci came from Florence where his family had run a successful Dyeing, Laundry and Cleaning Works for generations.

Oreste was a frail and sensitive boy and larger boys often bullied and picked on him. Eventually he approached Don Alfonso, a powerful and respected man in the Italian community. The Don agreed to offer Oreste protection and in return Oreste agreed to make sure that the Don always looked impeccable.

For many years Oreste tended to the Don’s clothing and shoes and while doing so he grew fond of the Don’s beautiful only daughter. The two lovers spent hours talking about many, many things. He shared with her, his desire to travel to South Africa where he would one day open his own Dyeing, Laundry and Cleaning Works…and thus began the Nannucci legacy….. The company’s rich history

Nannucci Head Office
(REG. 1988/018942/23)
P.O. BOX 779 SEA POINT 8060
+27 21 462 7000
+27 21 462 1700
All sales, accounts & agency enquiries: info@nannucci.co.za
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Our Services

Nannucci is South Africa’s oldest and largest laundry and dry cleaning company. At all our outlets (of which there are more than 40 throughout the Western Cape), we offer the following services

nans_r2_c1  Laundry

nans_r1_c1  Dry Cleaning

nans_r5_c1  Shoe Repair

nans_r4_c1  Garment Repair & Alterations

nans_r3_c1  Dyeing


The “Outlets and Locations” section will give you details of which branch is closest to you.

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